To dream of having a miscarriage could reflect a plan or idea that didn’t go the way you expected it to.

We find out what it means to dream about a miscarriage

We find out what it means to dream about a miscarriage

You suffered setbacks, delays and disappointments- you may go as far as to say your plan was ruined by something or someone.

You may have had high hopes and enthusiasm for something that has come to an abrupt end. You might have told others about your plan but it has resulted in a cancellation, an argument or a loss and you regret being honest and opening up about it.

The dream could also be a warning to you that your current course of action might be detrimental to your health, happiness or progress.

Perhaps you need to take a different path or you could risk losing something that means a lot to you if you carry down this same road.

The dream could be symbolic of your feelings of being wronged in some way. It’s possible you don’t feel you’re getting what you deserve in life. Someone else is getting something you are entitled to and you are jealous and resentful that you are being denied something you really want.

Dreams of miscarriage are common in pregnant women as they reach their second trimester. It doesn’t mean you are going to lose your baby- just that you are worried and fearful about the unknown which is perfectly normal.

Similarly, if you dream of someone else having a miscarriage who is currently pregnant- it doesn’t mean they are going to suffer a loss- just that you care about them and worry alongside them on their journey.

Miscarriages are also synonymous with failed opportunities or relationships. Perhaps you didn’t seize the moment when it came around in your personal or professional life. Did you fail to pursue things with a person you were romantically interested in? Could there be a second chance?