To dream about being chased by a monster reflects something about your appearance or personality that repulses you or makes you feel ugly.

We find out what it means to dream about a monster

We find out what it means to dream about a monster

Perhaps you have repressed some emotions from your past because they scare you. It might be time to let them out and face them- they may not be as frightening as you give them credit for.

If you confronted the monster in your dream- you may be trying to figure out what scares you in life and why so you can learn from it and move forward. On the other hand, if you cowered in the monster’s presence- you lack the strength to face your fears.

If you killed a monster in your dreamscape, you will successfully defeat your rivals and be successful in your working and personal life.

More negatively, if you changed into the monster, you may be turning into someone you don’t like or you no longer recognise. What can you do to stop this process and be a better person?

The dream could be showing you your true character if you have been blind to your faults. Now you know what they are- is it time to change your attitude and your ways?

Monsters represent terrible actions- have you been bad towards someone else? Or is someone being nasty to you? Perhaps someone is being unsympathetic to your feelings or wishes. Is it time you told them how this is making you feel? Or do you need to distance yourself from this person?

Monsters could be linked to your desire for something bad to happen to someone else because of jealousy or a grudge. You don’t want to be the person to instigate it, but you secretly hope that some negativity will befall them.

It’s possible you have just witnessed a darker side to someone you know, and it’s surprised you as they have never revealed this aspect of their personality to you before.  


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