If you were motivated in your dream this could be both a positive and a negative sign.

We find out what it means to dream about motivation

We find out what it means to dream about motivation

Perhaps you lack motivation in your waking hours and the dream is telling you to find something that stimulates and inspires you. You may not have found it yet, so it’s worth figuring out what this could be by trying new things, meeting new people and opening your mind up to fresh experiences.

On the other hand- maybe you are a person who is highly motivated, but you need to channel it more directly into something specific rather than wasting this impulse to do just anything.

More negatively, perhaps your motivation has gone too far; your continual interest and commitment to a job, role or subject is taking its toll on your health or your relationships. Maybe you need to find a way to curve this intense appetite you have and make room for other things.

Take the time to consider what motives you. Is it conscious or unconscious, or both?

Is it through a desire or need? Is it to reach a goal? Could it be to enjoy the rewards at the end? Or is it the expectations imposed on you by others?

If your motivation is for positive reasons, then it might be worth continuing with your current level of enthusiasm. However, if it has been forced on you- perhaps this isn’t the right path for you or indeed, the right way to go about it.

Consider who was in the dream with you- if there was someone else present.

Perhaps they are the person who will be your motivation. If you sense this- do you need to spend more time with them to learn their ways and absorb their knowledge?

On the flipside, perhaps this person is the very reason you are not motivated in life. Do you need to distance yourself from them to have any chance of making a success of yourself and your time?


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