If you were baking muffins in your dream, it signifies your hard work and devotion to your job. You should be rewarded for your efforts at some point.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It's also an affectionate name for someone close to you so it's possible the dream was about your loved one. Do they need your help and support with something or just some attention and affection if other things have got in the way lately?

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Another interpretation is that you have a preference for beautiful and expensive things in your waking life. It's possible you need to be more realistic about what you can afford and live within your means.

Perhaps your overindulgences have given you a taste for the good things in life and this has driven you to work harder to maintain this standard. Alternatively, you're getting into trouble by trying to keep up with it, so it might be wise to stop fooling yourself and others and live a more modest existence. 

Consider the phrase 'muffin top'- are you putting too many bad things into your body that are ultimately taking their toll on your health and weight? If so- do you need to look into eating more healthfully moving forward? 

Another thought is you are in a situation in your waking life that is beneficial to you- something that is in your favour or your best interest. Something that makes you feel like you're doing no wrong even if you are.

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