Dreaming about a newspaper means you have a need for information or you want some insight into something in your waking hours. You may be seeking out the best and most current advice and answers to a problem.

We find out what it means to dream about a newspaper

We find out what it means to dream about a newspaper

If you were selling newspapers in you dream, then you may want to inform or alert others to some important information you’ve recently acquired. On the other hand, you may have an important announcement you are about to make- a new job, an engagement, a move or a child for instance.

Another interpretation is that you have something in your life that is making the headlines- in other words something big is happening to you or because of you and it’s all people in your family and social circle can talk about.

A newspaper might also be warning to you that you are reading too many negative stories. Perhaps you need to take a break from this negativity and focus on the more positive things life has to offer. It might help to boost your mood.

It’s possible some light has been shed on a problem in your waking life and now its playing on your mind.

Alternatively, a newspaper could mean that you need to be more vocal about something or in general. You need to find a way to express yourself more. It’s your time to shine.

If you found it difficult to read a newspaper, then your reputation may be under attack and you are trying to redeem yourself with others.  

On the flipside, perhaps something about your personal life has been put out on display and you feel embarrassed that others know something so intimate about you. Or, it could be a reflection of how uncomfortable you feel when sharing personal details about yourself.

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