When you see noodles in a dream, it can mean longevity.

We find out what it means to dream about noodles

We find out what it means to dream about noodles

You may feel secure in your relationship, a friendship or perhaps at work and are confident that things are going to last. You are feeling blessed as a consequence.

Noodles are generally something that are eaten as part of healthy diet so the dream could be telling you to eat more healthfully or continue what you are doing as it is bringing you good health.

If the noodles were in abundance, perhaps you have an abnormal appetite or desire for something in your waking life. You may need to practice some self-discipline if things have gone to the excess or are indeed about to.

Another viewpoint is that you are in need of some nourishment either emotionally or physically. You may be hungry for better nutrition or the attention of partner, friend or family member to help you through a problem or feeling you're having.

On the other hand- maybe you need to practice some self-nourishment by looking after number one for once. If you have been putting others first- then your own health and happiness might have taken a hit.

Another interpretation, if the noodles we plain is that you are bored with your waking life and want it to have more flavour and excitement.

If you enjoyed eating the noodles, then you may be feeling a sense of satisfaction and comfort right now. You are content with where you are in life and what you have achieved.

If the noodles were mixed with seafood or meat, then you may be invited to a dinner with friends or family soon. The dream could be a reminder to you to arrange something if your social life has been non-existent lately.

Finally, the dream could be a pun for ‘use your noodle’- in other words you need to think long and hard about things before you make your next move.

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