Talking with a friend recently they admitted to trouble sleeping, feeling tired and exhausted ready to drop off but when she retired to bed she kept having a dream  around an old person with an angry face who kept trying to wake her, making her react to a worrying situation.

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

I told her remember dreams are never trivial and contain important messages that should not be taken lightly.

So what else could she extract from the dream

To dream you are walking down a road and come across an old man or woman sitting on the ground who is hungry and asking for help, then that old man may represent that it is our own self who is actually in need of help or support and further that we may be refusing to take this help in our waking life.

So what is missing in our waking existence, what are we really looking from life, you may be experiencing a period of complete loneliness or helplessness. The dream is likely drawing your attention to a complicated matter of your life needing a solution. This interpretation wil have even greater urgency or importance to you when in the dream of the elderly person they cry, or are sad, in pain, or do not eat or drink.

If you feel tenderness, understanding, compassion towards the situation during a dream towards this old person, then perhaps we are understanding the problem that we are facing and concluding we need to seek help and here in the dream we can understand this through the elderly person, or someone who can help us to resolve our own troubling situation.