If you dream of being at the Oscars- then you may need some more glamour in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about the Oscars

We find out what it means to dream about the Oscars

If you won an Oscar in your dream, then you may be looking for some sort of acknowledgement in your life – from a superior for all your hard work, a family member for your achievements or a partner for everything you do your relationship for instance.

More positively, perhaps you have been recognised or rewarded for your efforts lately and this feeling of elation has filtered through it your dreamscape.

If you felt negative or out of place at the Oscars, then you may be getting credit for someone else’s work in your waking hours. Is it time you started pulling your weight or do you need to own up and make it known that you are living off someone else’s success? Attending or watching the Oscars could be due to a recent or upcoming personal success- so the dream could be telling you to enjoy the celebration when it comes.

If you were surrounded by famous people who were ignoring you then you need to focus on what is really important to you. Distance yourself from the people who don’t care for you and stop putting on a show- it’s not worth it.

Perhaps you want to associate yourself or interact with more important people than you currently are. You want to increase your social status or open yourself up to new opportunities by mingling with the ‘right people’. Just don’t forget those who have got you to where you are now.

It could be as simple as having a fascination with fame and stardom and you often fantasize about mingling with the stars to see what it’s like to live life on the other side.

It’s possible you aspire to become involved in the world of film and entertainment and the dream is a result of your goals for the future.

Or maybe you just aspire to be successful, to be liked and for your name to be synonymous with your achievements.

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