If you dream about a pawn shop, it generally signifies loss and misfortune.

We find out what it means to dream about a pawn shop

We find out what it means to dream about a pawn shop

If you are going through some financial difficulties or anticipate them- the dream could be down to fear of having to pawn your belongings to make ends meet.  

If you dream that you must pawn a specific object, then you may have to sacrifice something in your life in order to achieve something else or keep on the path you are on.

This might not be an object, but maybe you will have to let go of a friendship, relationship or even a dream that is unachievable.

Consider who was in the dream with you and what you were pawning as this will give you greater insight into what it is you might have to give up.

To see a pawn shop suggests that you might be thinking about giving something up for the sake of something less fulfilling. Are you thinking of cheating on your partner with someone you don’t care about? Or are you sacrificing something for a cheap thrill? Consider if these short sharp bursts of pleasure are worth letting go of something that is arguably more precious.

The dream could refer to your general attitude to things in life. You might be quick to give up on people, jobs, tasks, hobbies- whatever it might be- you don’t stick at things for long. It might be time to really invest in something you care about and if it gets tough- rather than walking away- perhaps you need to put in the effort to sustain it. It’s worth a try if your current method isn’t working out too well for you.

Perhaps you have given up something or someone and you regret letting it or them go. It’s possible you want it or them back. Is there anything you can do to regain the relationship, object or feeling? If so, it might be worth trying to recapture whatever it is that you gave up at the time.  

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