When you see or eat peanut butter in your dreams, it’s probably because you are having difficulty communicating your thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas with other people. You may even feel that you can’t make sense of them or yourself.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It could also be that you are full of good intentions but you are simply not able to communicate them in the right way and everything seems to be coming out wrong lately. It’s possible this has resulted in one or many misunderstandings and you want people to hear the truth that you’re trying to convey. It may have even resulted in some broken relationships, which you want to repair.

Peanut butter can refer to your desire for an easy life. You may have little or no attachment to people or things and there is not a lot you would consider to be important in your life. Perhaps you are carefree and don’t get too concerned about things in general, you may try not to let things get to you even when they are. Or maybe you lack respect for certain situations and could do with being more thoughtful and considerate of others.

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A peanut butter and jelly sandwich could mean that you are trying to seem or be upbeat in a situation that is stressful or difficult. It’s possible you are trying not to think about the negative things at all and ignoring them.

Or you may be treating something as frivolous when someone close to you sees it as serious or vice versa.

Another interpretation is that you have the potential to fulfil an ambition if you open yourself up to new ideas. You may have to smooth over any rough patches along the way to make things more palatable as you go.

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Are you feeling suffocated by something or someone right now? If so- you might need to take some time out to revaluate things and decide if you need to distance yourself from this person or issue. The dream could mean that you need a lift in your life. Perhaps you have been feeling flat lately and you need someone or something to give you the boost you need to feel better. It might be time to get in touch with someone you know will make you happier or embark on something new to inflate your mood. If the souffle was sunken- perhaps something you thought would give your life more meaning failed to meet your expectations. Perhaps you expected too much from it and need to be more realistic. Perhaps you have learned a lesson from this experience- that this avenue isn’t for you. You may now be ready to explore another path... 

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