If you dream about a pencil, then it’s possible you will have a temporary influence over someone or something in your waking life. It might also suggest that if you are in a relationship- it won’t last very long.

We find out what it means to dream about a pencil

We find out what it means to dream about a pencil

More positively, it can show that you have a flexible nature and are willing to change to accommodate new ideas or hear and take on opposing beliefs if needed.

You might also be open to changing plans if the situation calls for it.

Perhaps the choices you make are never forever, so you have the ability to move on whenever you choose. Do you struggle to make serious decisions or take action? You might have a reputation for making dishonest plans. In other words, you often make promises you can’t deliver.  

If you dream of coloured pencils, then your creativity is well controlled and you are precise in the ways that you express yourself.

A pencil can also signify new achievements, discoveries and opportunities- it’s within your control to create your own happiness and destiny. It can show potential for new relationships and new journeys in the near future.

If you are a woman dreaming about a makeup pencil, then it might be time to pay closer attention to your looks if you have neglected your appearance lately.

If you were looking for a pencil in your dream and couldn’t find one then you may be having difficulty expressing yourself or communicating effectively with others. You might be frustrated by how often people misunderstand you. However if you found a pencil and began to write something down then it’s possible you have confidence in your communicative abilities and making yourself heard.

If you were sharpening a pencil, then you may be effective at getting to the point of what you are trying to say. Alternatively, if the pencil kept breaking or took a while to become sharp then you might be struggling to convey the meaning of something you’re trying to express.

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