When you dream that pepper is burning your tongue, it's possible you will upset some of your family or friends because of your love of gossip.

What does it mean to dream about pepper?

What does it mean to dream about pepper?

Try to keep things to yourself rather than passing them on and you might find that your friendship and family bonds become stronger as a result.

Pepper can also represent strong desires that you need to control. Some things you simply can’t have so learn to move your attention elsewhere.

Alternatively, it could mean that your life needs more spice and excitement and you've fallen into a rut of late.

Perhaps your relationship needs a little fire and spice to make you appreciate each other again.

If you were grinding pepper, it's possible you are in a bad mood about something and need to find a way to improve your mind-set. Perhaps you are irritated by something or someone is bothering you in your waking life. Consider who or what was in your dream as this might shed some light on the source of the irritation.

On the other hand, perhaps someone is grinding you down and you need to distance yourself from them or tell them how they make you feel. It’s possible they aren’t aware of the effect they have on people.

If you were eating pepper and it was almost too much to take- perhaps something will enter your life strong and fast and you won’t have much time to adjust. You will simply have to deal with things once they’ve begun.

To see or eat pepper might also indicate a hot temper. Perhaps you need to find a way to control this side of yourself if you know it’s one of your failings. You need to find another way to express your anger.

It could also refer to an argument or debate that is heating up. You might be able to sense that it is looming, and you may need to be the one who stops it getting any worse.





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