When you dream about perfume, you generally want someone else to feel good about your behaviours.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If you really want someone to like you- you might be telling them things they want to hear rather than what you genuinely believe. It might be time to be true to yourself.

If the perfume smelled bad- perhaps someone in your waking hours is trying to get others to like them but their method isn’t working in their favour. It’s possible they need to look at things differently if they aren’t getting it. Are you the person to tell them this?

Cheap perfume is a sign that you like to make other people jealous of what you have- or indeed someone you know likes it when others are envious of their life, even if it’s not all it seems.

Cheap perfume might also reflect the quality of something. Perhaps you are making sacrifices in life to get something you want quickly rather than waiting for the real thing. The dream could be telling you to be patient as what you want is worth the wait. There are no short cuts in life.

If there were samples of perfume in your dreamscape- do you need to make new impression with someone if your first one didn’t go as you had planned?

Along the same lines- perfume is thought to be linked to new beginnings, new relationships or a new you. Do you need a fresh start in some area of your life?

If you were buying perfume, you want to make some changes to your appearance to gain some attention from someone you like.

Perfume that is so intense it makes your nose itchy and your breathing laboured means that you are getting pressure from someone and its causing you a lot of stress. Perhaps you need to distance yourself from this situation if you can.

If someone else smelled strongly of perfume- consider who it was and how you reacted to the fragrance. If you didn’t like it- this might reflect your negative feelings about this person. However, if you did- this person is someone you get along with and can tolerate.

Source: www.dreambible.com

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