To see plastic in a dream suggests that you are being fake or artificial in some way.

We find out what it means to dream about plastic

We find out what it means to dream about plastic

It’s possible you are not being genuine to who you really are and it’s time you were.

Or perhaps you believe someone else is acting this way towards you. Do you need to call them out or distance yourself from them?

If the plastic was bendy then this dream could reflect your flexible way of thinking, which might serve you well.

More negatively, are you easily persuaded to do things you don’t want to? The dream might be telling you to be more steadfast in your decisions.  

A particular type of plastic like a plastic bag, might signify your concerns about the environment. Are you doing your bit?

However, if the plastic bags were filled with items- this might represent the things that are burdening you at present and the things you are carrying around with you that you don’t necessarily need to. You can let them go if you wish.

If you were throwing the plastic bags away, perhaps you need to rid your life of something that is no longer benefitting you. It might not be as easy as just leaving it behind- perhaps you need to handle its disposal more carefully.

Plastic is linked to cheapness and things that might be unimportant in your life. Perhaps the dream is trying to tell you that you are holding into something that doesn’t serve you well and you need to let it go. It is not connecting you with your life.

If you were wrapped in plastic, then someone may be trying to protect you- will you let them or is their watchful eye becoming overbearing? If so, do you need to let them know?

Do you feel the need to look after someone in your waking hours? Perhaps someone needs your care. On the flipside, are you the one who has taken this perceived role too far and need to back off?


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