Dreaming about a porch generally represents your personality- the person you portray in social circles- your facade.

We find out what it means to dream about a porch

We find out what it means to dream about a porch

Consider what the porch looked like in the dream. If it was a porch with floor to ceiling walls and frosted windows, then you may be someone who closes themselves off from others and you value your privacy.

On the other hand, if the porch was open- if it had a seat outside or open woodwork for instance, then you may be a more welcoming and outgoing person.

If the porch was in need of some care and attention, then you may be showing yourself to others as being in need.

On the flipside, if the porch was in pristine condition- perhaps things are going well for you right now. With that said, it’s possible the state of the porch was you painting over the problems in your life at present.  

A porch can represent the people who are close to you but not those who are part of your immediate family. Those you keep at a safe distance. Is it time that you let one of these people in? Is there someone whom you want to have a closer relationship with? Or do you need to put someone back in that group, if you have allowed them to get close to you and regretted it?

If you were building a porch, then you may be building something or starting a project in your waking hours. Perhaps you are building up a business, your reputation or building up your confidence.

More simply, you may be doing building work to your home or someone else’s and it’s filtered through into your dreams.

If you were sitting on a porch, it’s possible you are expecting someone to come to your home in the near future. A visitor, relatives for a family gathering or guests for an event you’ve arranged at your house.

On the other hand, perhaps you are waiting for something to come along. If so, do you need to be more proactive where this is concerned? It may not arrive if you don’t do something to encourage it.  

A porch is representative of you but also the environment you choose to live in and the people you associate with. Perhaps you are increasingly concerned with the way others perceive you, your social circles and life choices. Why is this?

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