Dreaming about a pot generally represents a wife, a livelihood and a home.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If the pot was intact in your dream, then you may have a comfortable home life and healthy finances.

However, if the pot was broken or chipped this could indicate difficult times ahead both in terms of money and your relationship.

If you saw a pot filled with water and it was boiling, there could be divorce on the horizon for you or someone you know. At the very least some discontent between partners.

Pots are often synonymous with the person who looks after the house- if you are not the person who does this in your home- do you need to show greater appreciation to the person who does? The dream could be telling you to help out more with domestic tasks.

On the other hand, if you are the person who takes care of the cooking and other jobs to keep your home operating- do you need to ask for help? If it is getting on top of you- can you appeal to a partner or family member for some assistance?

Pots of food upon the stove are also associated with illness, so perhaps you fear someone close to you is going to fall ill and you will need to look at them.

On the other hand- maybe you are concerned for your own health. Perhaps it’s time to put some better habits in place to see your wellbeing improve.

If the fire heating up the pot went out out and the food was cooling own- this could mean that some illness has recently passed.

If you were stirring food in a pot in your dream, then you mean to cause trouble and you may be doing something unkind behind another’s back. Consider the long-term consequences- is it really worth meddling in after all?

Source: www.dreaminterpretation.org

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