Dreaming about pumpkins is usually a sign of closure.

We find out what it means to dream about a pumpkin

We find out what it means to dream about a pumpkin

You have come to realise that something is over- this could be a positive or negative thing- but whatever it is had reached its end.

It is symbolic of a break up, leaving a job, finishing school or college or even a death in the family.

Perhaps as a result you feel like your time is running out to fulfil a dream or goal.

If you saw an unripe pumpkin in your dream it’s possible you are not quite ready for something yet. That doesn’t mean to say you’ll never be- just for now you need more time, practice, skills or preparation.

A pumpkin patch suggests that you will have a number of financial opportunities in the near future and your success will be dependent on which one you choose.

If you saw a pumpkin carriage in your dream like in the tale of Cinderella, the dream could be telling you that you only have one shot at something. You need to give it your all before time runs out.

More simply- you may just be excited for Halloween and the pumpkins you will carve or the party you will attend in celebration. 

A large or expanding pumpkin has the potential to mean two things.

The first is that you will grow- you will gain weight- so perhaps you need to alter your eating habits and lifestyle to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The second is that you will have financial success as the pumpkin is a representation of your growing wage, profits or a large pot of savings.

If you opened up the pumpkin- the seeds represent opportunities that are available to you. The more seeds the better- you have many choices and things you can do with your life- you just have to take them, decide what you want and make a start.  

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