Red Sun dreams are frequent in passionate people.

We find out what it means to dream about a red sun

We find out what it means to dream about a red sun

If you are someone who had an artistic side, you may be prone to dreams like this because you tend to enjoy every moment of life. On the other hand- maybe you need to focus on the little things more often.

If you are in love, this could be why you saw a red sun in your dreamscape- it denotes the passion you have for this person. Is it time to act on it?

Since red is associated with anger, it’s possible a red sun could indicate an upcoming fight- one that won’t be easy to win.

Maybe you are filled with anger about something that is no longer relevant and you need to find a safe way to channel these feelings out of you. Consider how much time and energy you have wasted letting this anger manifest- is it serving any purpose at all?

A blood red sun could also mean that you will have a difficult time ahead of you- you will be weighed down by some burden. But rest assured- it won’t be forever.

A red sun is thought- by some- to be a bad omen- a sign of death. This doesn’t have to mean the death of a person- but the death something within you or something in your life. A passion, a relationship, a period in your history that will cause you emotional pain as you let it go. Along the same vein- if you believe a red sun foretells something bad- perhaps you are fearful of something. This could be fear of the unknown or changes you aren’t prepared for. Maybe you are afraid of things you have no control over.

The changing colour of the sun could be linked to the changes that are happening in your life right now.

A red sky is an unusual sight so perhaps something has happened in your waking hours that has jolted you because it’s so out of the ordinary. Or perhaps you need something or someone to provoke this kind of reaction in you if you have become complacent.


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