To dream about a reindeer is often linked to loyalty.

We find out what it means to dream about a reindeer

We find out what it means to dream about a reindeer

Perhaps you need to be more loyal to those you care about, or maybe you yearn for loyalty from someone special to you if it’s something you place a lot of importance on.

You may have dedicated yourself to someone for a long time and are questioning their loyalty to you. Is it time to move onto someone who appreciates this trait in you rather than taking it for granted?

Reindeers are synonymous with holidays, festivities and Christmas, so the dream could simply be a reflection of how much you are looking forward to the season of giving.

This animal might be a reminder to you to stay on your path and avoid diversions or distractions that will keep you from achieving your goals. Trust where you are going and avoid dramas along the way as they will only hold you back.

To see a reindeer could also mean that you need to take a leap of faith. Believe that some things are possible, and this will help you to overcome any challenges that you are faced with. Trust in yourself and what your gut and your heart tells you.

If a reindeer crossed your path, see it as a reminder that you are a born leader and people will and do look to you for guidance. Do right by them and they will support you in return.

To see this creature in your dream might be a reflection of your responsibilities and duties. Perhaps you have been neglecting them lately and need to face up to them again. Or are you ready to take on more?

Riding a reindeer suggests that you have a very specific plan and have mapped out the journey you will take to get to where you want to be.

Reindeers are thought to be linked to spirituality too. Perhaps you need to focus more on your own spiritual path for the purpose of personal growth and to ensure that you are living by your own values.


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