To see a robin in your dreamscape represents new beginnings and a time for growth.

We find out what it means to dream about a robin

We find out what it means to dream about a robin

Do you need to start a new job? End one relationship and start another? Move to a new location? Work on self-transformation? It sounds like change is necessary.

Perhaps you are feeling inspired to do something new because you have come to realise just how many possibilist there out there for you.

The dream could be a pun for someone you know who is named ‘Robin’. Do you need to make contact with them? Forgive them? Apologise to them? Spend more time with them? Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to take some action where they are concerned.

Robins could be a sign that you need to face the world with a positive attitude and with a song in year heart. There is little benefit to being negative when there is so much joy and happiness in life.

The bird might be symbolic of someone who is trying to cheer you up in your waking hours. If they are- let them- rather than resisting them. Take a leaf from their book- you might find that you feel happier as a result.

In European mythology, the robin was a sign of divine sacrifice, so maybe you have sacrificed something lately that you didn’t want to or was necessary but difficult. Perhaps you are willing to let go of something for the benefit of someone else or for self-improvement. It’s possible the dream is telling you that you will need to give something up in your near future and to prepare yourself for it.  

The robin is strongly associated with Christmas due to an old British folk tale, that claimed a robin sang to Jesus to ease his pain. Consequently, this bird is seen as a sign of comfort. Do you yearn for comfort? Perhaps you need to reach out and let someone know you are suffering and require their help or just their presence.

Consider who was in the dream with you- perhaps someone you know needs you to be there for them now. Perhaps you need to be the one who initiates this meeting if they don’t have the strength to.


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