To see or eat a salad in your dream suggests that you need more of a positive influence in your life.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you already have one, but you are choosing to ignore it or them. It might be time to take notice for the sake of your own personal growth.

The dream could be a result of your need for nature and better health. If you have been stuck indoors lately and eating the wrong things- you may need to make some changes to benefit your wellbeing.

If there was a bug on your salad- you may be worried about your health being compromised.

If you were dressing a salad- perhaps your life needs an uplift. What can you do to make things more interesting and engaging? If things have felt a little bland lately- what do you need to spice your waking hours up?

Another thought is that salad represents feeling good about something but not going overboard. Do you tend to take things that one step too far? If so it might be time to enjoy yourself without tipping into excessiveness.

An example of this might be- to drink a couple of drinks rather than having the whole bottle or eat a couple of biscuits- not the whole packet. Go out- but give yourself a cut off point rather than seeing the night through to the bitter end.

The dream could be telling you to have a more grown up attitude to life- to approach everything in moderation.

If you can avoid taking things too far- you never know- it might benefit your body and your mind.

Perhaps you are keen to make changes in your life and are finally doing something about it. Or maybe you need to put something in place to improve yourself in some way.

To see a big colourful salad indicates that your body needs a range of vitamins and minerals. If you haven’t been eating a good variety of foods lately- it might be wise to eat a rainbow and give your body the things that it’s been missing.

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