When you play a see a saxophone in your dream, it's usually because you have something you need to express from deep within that you have kept buried for a long time.

We find out what it means to dream about a saxophone

We find out what it means to dream about a saxophone

Or perhaps you have made a significant connection with someone lately that has changed your life or your attitude to it in some way. They have had a huge influence on your life.

Another interpretation is that you are taking hold of your creativity with both hands and using it to express your beliefs and your passions. You could be making a real effort with something you've always wanted to pursue in your waking life.

It's possible that you are trying to get other people to pay attention to your feelings, if you think they're not aware of or are ignoring them.

Perhaps you have spoken up for yourself, complained about something or asked someone to pay closer attention to your needs of late as a means of getting them to realise what you've been going through.

It can also mean that you see or know of someone else who is desperately trying to get other people to notice their feelings and needs too.

Perhaps the dream is alerting you to someone who is trying to discredit your name or gossip about you, which could end up affecting your personal or professional life.

Saxophones are synonymous with nostalgia, so you may be sad because some sad memories have arisen from the past. Perhaps you have been talking about others from your past lately and it has spurred you on to meet up with them or get in contact. On the other hand, you may need to apply something from your past to your present.  

Finally, saxophones are thought to represent sexuality and harmony. It’s possible you are struggling to find some harmony in your intimate life. Is it time you talked to your partner?

However, looking at these separately- perhaps you are finding it difficult to agree and find a peaceful solution with others in your waking hours over some issue.  

Or maybe, you are struggling with your own sexuality and the battle is from within.

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The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace

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