To dream of spice means that you need more variety during your waking hours. Think about the expression ‘the spice of life’- perhaps you need more excitement or to do something out of your comfort zone so you can feel a sense of achievement.

We find out what it means to dream about spices

We find out what it means to dream about spices

Hot spices can signify sexual arousal so maybe you are willing to experiment more with your lover between the sheets. Or perhaps you are yearning for your lover to take the initiative and spice up your love life for you.

Alternatively, you are ready to meet someone who likes to have experimental sex.

Hot spies can also be a warning to stop and think before you act, either in your personal or professional life. Don’t do something hurriedly until you have considered the possible consequences.

If you were eating a hot curry in your dream, this could indicate some period of difficulty in the near future, however it will pass after a short sharp burst of negativity. You have to be strong enough to endure the hard times that are coming your way.

If you were trying a new spice in your dream then maybe you need to look at a situation differently- from a new perspective, if your existing steps have not resulted in change. It’s possible you need to take the advice of someone else and try their method for whatever it is to succeed.

Another thought process is that you are willing to try new things in life before you make your decision about them. You are not bound to any one thing because you are open to new experiences and making new memories.

For a woman to dream of spices can imply that she will meet someone who will deceive her with appearances, win her confidence- only for her to find out the awful truth when it’s too late. Be mindful of who you trust and who you are attracted to as they might not be who they seem.


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