If you see or use a sponge in your dream, it generally means that you are a receptive person and can absorb things quickly, like knowledge and information.

We find out what it means to dream about a sponge

We find out what it means to dream about a sponge

More negatively, the dream can be a reminder that you are sponging off someone and that you need to stand on your own two feet and make a living for yourself. You might be too dependent on someone and you need to find your own path. Is it time to stop draining them of their resources and taking up their space?

Or it could mean that someone is sponging off you. Perhaps you need to gently let them know that it’s no longer appropriate or nudge them in the direction of becoming self-sufficient.

The act of absorbing so much around you can be even more detrimental if what you are accepting are problems. If you tend to take on other people’s issues and negativity- it might be time to let them try to deal with them on their own as you can’t possibly help everyone.

A sponge might refer to a cleansing of some sort. Perhaps your name has been dragged through the mud lately and you need to ensure its cleanliness again.

Or maybe you need to wash away some negativity and start a fresh if you feel weighed down by any criticism or pessimism in your waking hours.

If the sponge was soaked, then you may have taken on too much. Your mind could be overwhelmed with all the information it carries and you need to take a break from acquiring new details.

Are you trying to cram before an exam? Or are you attempting to learn too much in one go for a new job? If so- you may need to free your thoughts for a while as anything new will not be remembered- despite your best efforts.

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