If you dream about wearing stockings, you are likely supported by those around you. They offer you protection and warmth when you need it most. Perhaps they are also helping to assist you in building your confidence or help you feel more presentable to the outside world.  

We find out what it means to dream about stockings

We find out what it means to dream about stockings

However, if the stockings were torn or had a run in them then you may not feel as supported by those closest to you as you’d like. It might also signify a lack of confidence or self-esteem that is going unaddressed and it’s not something you feel you can improve alone.  

Another thought is that you have recently behaved immorally. Do you feel guilty and need to come clean? Or seek help to stop you doing it again?

If the stockings were of the fishnet variety, this indicates sexiness, lust and allure- do you need to be more daring in your sex life? Do you secretly want to wear more adventurous clothing for your partner?

If you were wearing fancy stockings, then you may want someone specific to notice you or to be noticed by many- just be careful who you yearn for such attention from- you may not have the same intentions.

If you saw someone else putting on stockings this might relate to your romantic life- perhaps you are jealous of someone who is more experienced than you are or worry about maintaining your partner’s interest in you sexually. Stockings can also symbolise your practical and sensible side- more so if they were modest-you have a keen ability to understand and judge situations appropriately.

With that said, is this attitude leaking into your personal life as well as your professional life? Could it be preventing you from having more fun in your spare time?

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