To dream about a storm means you are in the middle of a situation that is turbulent and chaotic in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about a storm

We find out what it means to dream about a storm

You may be feeling rage, anger or turmoil as a result of this situation or perhaps someone else is acting this way around you. Whoever the dream refers to- the emotions have been repressed and released or are about to blow.

It’s possible something in your life feels like it’s up in the air and anything could happen. You fear that the outcome might be a negative.

If there were rumblings of storm in your dream, then you might be anticipating some conflict or arguments with others. Or maybe you have something you want to tell someone but you know it will cause a fight or trouble.

More positively a storm could mean fast changes, which will give you little time to sit and ponder them.

If you were taking shelter from a storm, then you may be narrowly avoiding an unpleasant or difficult situation. You might be waiting for someone else to calm down before you see or talk to them.

It is also an indicator that whatever the disturbance is- it will soon be over.

Storms can signify unprocessed fears or emotions so perhaps you need to find a way to reduce the intensity of them before letting others know how you feel.

Consider the commonly used phrase ‘weather the storm’- perhaps you have a keen ability to cope with whatever comes your way and it has made you a stronger person for it.

To see a storm means you will make decisions related to your environment. If the storm knocked things over or destroyed things around you but you were unscathed, then you will be dominant over others and people will follow you as a leader or boss.


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