To see or eat a sundae in your dream suggests that you are experiencing joy, pleasure, satisfaction and togetherness in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about a sundae

We find out what it means to dream about a sundae

You are happy with your life as it is- so the dream could be telling you not to take it for granted. It’s possible, however that this is something you crave for desperately.

On the other hand- perhaps you need to make a plan with your nearest and dearest if you haven’t spent much time with them lately. Spending time with others might be your way of feeling these positive emotions.

Perhaps you believe you deserve a reward for all your efforts in your personal or professional life and the sundae represents the reward you desire or anticipate.

The dream could also be a pun for Sunday- is there something you need to remember for this day or does this particular Sunday hold some significance for you?

To dream of eating a sundae with someone else could foretell an upcoming romance, especially if you were enjoying the experience. However, if you didn’t like the taste of the sundae or something about the look of it turned you off- perhaps the next person you encounter won’t be the one- even if you are attracted to them.

Sundaes are often big enough to share, so if you were eating a large sundae alone, the dream could be telling you not to be so selfish with your time- to open yourself up to others and give them your attention.

Alternatively, if you were sharing a sundae with someone else and they were eating most of it- you may be letting others take you for a ride. Consider the people in your life- are they friends with you for honest reasons or are they taking advantage of your good nature?


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