When you dream about toffee, it’s generally associated with uncertainty over a situation in your waking life- and just how pleasurable it’s actually going to be in reality. 

What does it mean to dream about toffee?

What does it mean to dream about toffee?

Something may sound good but you have your doubts over whether it might be too good to be true.

Toffee can also represent impatience with something or someone during your waking hours. You may be in the midst of a positive situation but you believe it’s taking too long all the same. You may even feel guilty that it’s still happening.

Another thought process when you get toffee caught in your teeth is a sense that your enjoyment or pleasure is getting in the way of something. Perhaps you are prioritising play over work right now and it’s taking its toll.

Maybe you spend a very long time on things that don’t really matter and you need to spend your time more wisely.

Perhaps you are currently on leave and yearn to get back to work to deal with something you deem important. Maybe you are being forced to relax at a time when you have things on your mind and are finding it difficult to switch off.

It’s also possible you feel you are being denied pleasures in your waking life and crave something more than you currently have.

Source: www.dreambible.com


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