If you see a tourist in your dreams it’s possible you are in a position to help other people.

We find out what it means to dream about a tourist

We find out what it means to dream about a tourist

You have the knowledge and the experience to pass on to those who need it.

If you were the tourist in your dream, then you may be unsure of your surroundings right now, even more so if you are in an unfamiliar environment like a new job, new location or a new relationship.

Perhaps you are feeling lost because you don’t know where to go next. There are plenty of options but you can’t decide which avenue to take.

A tourist can also represent an aspect of your personality that is causal and dips in and out of interesting things.

You’re happy to sample something but you are not willing to commit to it for the long term. You have a ‘been there and done it’ mentality.

Perhaps someone in your waking life is causally perusing something and you are joining them while they sample it out.

If you were the tourist, you may be someone who is curious in nature- you like to try things out so you can form your own opinions. You tend to delve into other lifestyles habits, hobbies and interests to establish which parts you find most interesting. And those might be the ones that stick.

This dream can indicate a pleasurable event or affair that will help you to forget about your normal life for a while.

More negatively, perhaps you are engaging in too many pleasurable things and neglecting your responsibilities in the process.

If you were a tourist in a new location, you might be eager to start something new- you are entering into a new phase in your life.

More simply, you might just want to get away from the mundaneness of life and be a tourist for a little while- to go on holiday. You yearn to travel, visit other cultures and meet new people.

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