If you dream about trivia, it’s possible you are focusing too much on the pieces of information that have little importance or value.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you need to shift your attention to the things that matter more rather than those that have no consequence.

On the flipside, is someone else in your waking hours fixating on the petty details rather than the ones of substance? If so- perhaps it’s down to you to help them divert their attention onto more pressing matters.

If you were answering trivia in a quiz setting and performing well, perhaps you tend to find interest in the more unusual things in life. It’s the minor details that matter most to you in everything you do.

The dream could be telling you that you have knowledge and talents, but you have yet to discover them. Consider what you know a lot about already as this could help you get into your next hobby, job or project.  

If you were performing poorly at a quiz, then maybe you need to challenge yourself more at work or at home. You need something that is more mentally engaging during your waking hours.

Trivia could mean that you are being tested right now. Someone is putting you through your paces and finding out what you are capable of. If the dream was positive, then you may enjoy being pushed to your limits, however if it had a negative vibe, then you may be struggling to keep up. In which case- do you need to tell the person who is testing you to slow down?

If you were doing a quiz with others, it’s possible you need to invest more time in your social life. Perhaps you’d like to do a quiz night at your local with your friends and family or maybe you’d prefer to set up a games night in your home. The dream could just be giving you the nudge to spend more time with those you care about. 

Would you rather talk about amusing topics as opposed to useful or serious ones? If so, perhaps there is a time and a place for this and it’s not now. It may not be appropriate at present and someone needs you to take responsibility rather than making light of a situation. 

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