To dream about a holiday suggests that you need a break or a rest.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you want to escape your responsibilities- family troubles, personal issues or a difficult situation you’ve found yourself in.

With that said, if the vacation went badly and you weren’t enjoying yourself, then you may not be able to leave your responsibilities behind. Perhaps you need to face up to them before you can unwind.

Do you need a break from the daily routine? Not necessarily a holiday but do you need to find something that breaks the monotony of everyday life?

Holidays are also likened to rewards. Perhaps you feel you are due a reward for all the hard work you have invested lately.

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Consider who was with you in the dream- a family member, partner, friend or work college for instance. Whoever it was- perhaps you need to spend more time with this person- the dream could be telling you that they need your help, a listening ear or just your company. If you can’t afford a holiday- how about a day out instead to reconnect?

If you were on your own- it’s possible you need to put aside some time for yourself. Perhaps you spread yourself too thinly and always put other people’s needs first. It might be wise to give yourself some care and attention.

Perhaps the dream is telling you to lighten up- if you have been putting work above all else- do you need to learn how to get a better work-life balance? This is even more appropriate is you dreamed of an adventure holiday- you are missing out on the fun that life has to offer.

The dream could simply be a reflection of what you have been doing in your waking hours. If you have been planning your next vacation, the excitement may have filtered through into your dreams.

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It's possible you crave more power over your own life, in your relationships or in a professional capacity. Or perhaps you have been given more power at work and are about to receive a promotion. If you were hitting someone with a stick, then pay careful attention to the things you like the least about them. Is this a reflection of the things you don’t like about yourself? If you were hitting an animal with a stick then you may have bad feelings towards the basic/animal instincts you are displaying at present. The dream could also be a pun for needing to ‘stick up’ for yourself in a situation or perhaps you have found yourself in a ‘sticky’ spot...

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