Vanilla is a dream represents a welcoming experience or an inviting situation. 

We find out what it means to dream about vanilla

We find out what it means to dream about vanilla

This might be an atmosphere you create- perhaps you have the ability to encourage comfort for those around you. Or maybe you attribute this with someone else and you are ready to see them again.

Another interpretation is that vanilla is synonymous with your home life. It might remind you of your childhood- the food you ate with your parents and grandparents. Have you been reminiscing about your childhood lately?

It can also indicate purity and innocence. Do you believe yourself to be too pure and innocent compared to those around you? Does it make you feel left out? Or do you wish you were more innocent when it comes to something you’ve done that you are guilty of and regret? It could be that you wish you were innocent again because it would mean that you aren’t aware of the bad that’s going on around you or that you wouldn’t have the responsibilities you do now.   

If you could smell vanilla in your dream, it’s possible you’re about to be invited to a birthday party or a celebration.  

If the vanilla was present in something unhealthy like cake, ice-cream or pastry, perhaps you need to think very carefully about what you’re putting in your body. Do you need to cut back on the sugary treats and put more healthful things in there?

Perhaps something in your life is basic- it’s nothing special and you either crave for more or you secretly like that it’s vanilla. You are comfortable with the ordinary because you know where you stand and you know what to expect. Alternatively, you may feel frustrated with the predictability of your life as a whole or aspects of it.


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