Dreaming about wages could indicate your potential in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about wages

We find out what it means to dream about wages

Wages is generally associated with your achievements in your professional life. Perhaps you are satisfied with where you are in your career. On the flipside, maybe you feel there is room to grow or climb the ladder.

If you were getting wage increase in your dream, it’s possible you are due this or things are going to go smoothly at work. If you were getting a wage cut, then you may face some financial troubles and obstacles in your near future.

If your family were getting their wages in your dream, then they will be successful and you may feel jealous of them if you don’t see yourself as being as accomplished as them.

A wage cut could also foretell a quarrel with your partner or ongoing relationship troubles.  

If you lost some of your income but were still able to cope, then you likely don’t expect a lot in your waking life. You always cut your cloth accordingly.

If you dreamed of getting a large pay-packet, you may be about to have a windfall or receive an inheritance.

Spending your wages- could be linked to feelings of misery. You place too much importance on material things and need to learn to appreciate the free and simpler aspects of life.

If you were throwing you wages away- you might enjoy what you do but you get paid a pittance for it.

If you were paying other people a salary, then you will be successful in business. Receiving no salary at all could mean that you will experience stress and anxiety in your waking life.

Giving your wages away is a positive sign that you are or will be happy because you are in a position to help others. Or because spending money and having an abundance of things doesn’t have any hold over you.   

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