To dream about a whale is linked to your intuition and awareness.

We find out what it means to dream about a whale

We find out what it means to dream about a whale

You may be in tune with your spirituality. With that said, if the whale was beached, then you are no longer in tune with your spirituality. Perhaps you feel misguided by someone and you are struggling to understand their intentions to send you off in the wrong direction.  

Maybe you are ready to explore your emotions but before you can, you need to make the connection between your conscious and your subconscious first.

On the other hand, a whale could symbolise something that is too big for you to handle in your waking hours. You may be feeling overwhelmed because it’s too much for you to deal with at once. You can’t handle something on your own and you need help from others.

Perhaps the whale represents issues within your waking life that are too powerful or influential that everything else seems insignificant by comparison.

More positively, maybe you have recently achieved something enormous and you are confident that you can’t be outdone. You are now too big to lose so you no longer have to worry about anything like money or job security for instance. No-one can possibly compete with your recent accomplishments and it makes you feel comfortable and satisfied.

The dream could be a pun for ‘wining’- maybe you want to have a good cry about something in your waking hours or perhaps you already have.

If a whale was flying in your dream, then you may feel a huge sense of freedom right now. A weight has been lifted and you feel emotionally liberated.

If the whale was a killer whale then you may need to be more vocal and socialise more. You need to speak up and stand up for yourself rather than letting others speak for you.


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