To dream about your wife, suggests that there are some unresolved issues in your relationship.

We find out what it means to dream about a wife

We find out what it means to dream about a wife

It could be that you and your wife are going through an important phase in your relationship.

Consider how you felt in the dream as this might give you some insight into the feelings you aren’t sharing with your partner.

If the dream was positive, then your relationship might be faring well, however if there was a negativity in the dream, perhaps you are going through a difficult time.

If someone else was posing as your wife in your dream, then you may need to form a closer bond with this person. Not in the same way as with your spouse- but perhaps as a friend or work colleague.

Whoever the person pretending to be your wife was- consider their most extreme traits as they might represent the same ones in your partner- particularly if you have only just noticed them.

If you don’t have a wife, then the dream represents the feminine aspects of yourself.

It’s possible that you are ready to be a committed relationship with a woman and that is why you saw a wife in your dreamscape.

The dream could simply be a reflection of your waking life. If you wife plays a significant role in your world, perhaps this is why she has filtered through into your dreams.

Dreaming of your wife can indicate your need for more support. Perhaps your partner hasn’t been the most supportive of late or maybe you need it more in your professional life or in your friendship circle. Your wife might be a sign that people aren’t looking out for you in a particular area of your life.

Your wife is generally a symbol of responsibility too. If your wife was happy in your dream, then you may be fulfilling your role as a husband or father well. On the other hand, if your wife was crying then you might be finding it difficult to be take on all the duties that are expected of a husband.


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