When you dream of winter, it can have negative connotations of depression, ill health and misfortune.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Such a dream may fall in line with how you are feeling during your waking hours- emotionally cold or detached from others.

Perhaps you want some alone time over Christmas and beyond to reflect and have some space to think. Even more so, if certain people have leaned on you a lot this year and you've exhausted your energy on others. 

If you are feeling disengaged with family, friends or a partner, is avoiding them the best thing for you or do you need to make a bigger effort to connect with those you care about?

You may have inner warmth but are struggling to let someone see this side of you if you prefer to keep a cool exterior. There may be someone in your life who needs to see your warmer side before you lose them. They just might be worth letting your guard down for. 

For others, winter can symbolize giving, fun, joy, family, happiness and togetherness, so it may be depend on how you feel about it during your waking hours as to how you felt about it in your dream.

If the dream was positive, then maybe you are excited about the winter holidays. If it made you feel negative, you may not look forward to this time of year.

If it is the latter, try and ask yourself why- is there any way you can turn this feeling around so you can make the most of the winter again?

Source: www.dreammoods.com

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