If you dream you are writing, this indicates communication between you and someone else or you and your subconscious.

We find out what it means to dream about writing

We find out what it means to dream about writing

Do you need to get in touch with someone you’ve not seen in a while or create better lines of communication between someone close to you? Or do you need to listen to your inner needs and desires? Pay attention to your inner voice to give you greater insight.

Perhaps you feel you can’t express yourself to those around you. You are trying to get your message across to people in your waking hours about your thoughts and feelings but you need an alternative method.

Consider what you were writing. If it was the names of people in your life- think about the way they make you feel. Are they a positive or negative influence on you?

If you were writing with a piece of chalk or a pencil- perhaps the plans you are making are not permanent and are less important to you than you are making out.

Writing a book in a dreamscape, indicates a desire to be creative- perhaps you need to explore a new hobby that stretches your creative muscles.

If you already write- the dream could be telling you to invest more time in it and grow your talent further.

Think about who you were writing to if you were putting together letter- do you need to tell this person how you really feel about them?

More simply, the dream could just be reflection of what you were doing during your waking hours. If you spent the day writing a letter, a report or a chapter of a book- your mind is processing the day you’ve had and the tasks that filled it.

Finishing a letter or book is a sign that you have completed something or are about to. You will fulfil your goals. On the other hand, if your writing was interrupted, then you may struggle to get to where you want to be without distractions.

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