When you dream of yoghurt, it’s possible you are trying to eat a healthier diet or feel the need to if your diet has taken a turn for the worst lately. Yoghurt is marketed as a healthy food so this might be why you associate it with better living.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Or maybe you have something in your life at present that you know is good for you- a person or an activity. You might generally feel good about things in your waking hours because everything you’re doing or the people you are spending time with are all working in your best interests.

If the yoghurt was sour then perhaps your romantic relationship is deteriorating and you need to put more work into keeping it alive and fresh.

It could be that another area of your life is also going sour- your relationship with your family, your friends or even the people you work with. Is it time for a change of scenery or think carefully about the people you socialize with? Or can you salvage these relationships by making some changes in the way you interact with these people?

If you are intolerant to milk products then you may be dreaming about yoghurt because you miss it or you know that you can’t eat it and so you’re living out your fantasies through your sleep state.

If you don’t eat yoghurt for other reasons such as ethical ones- then perhaps you are facing a situation that you don’t agree with right now.

You may be finding it difficult to embrace change- this could be in your personal or professional life and you feel the need to rebel or you’re struggling to find the appropriate behaviors for what’s new in your life.

Yoghurt can also mean that you might lose something, however this loss will be overshadowed by something you will gain quickly afterwards.



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