Dreaming of weight loss usually means that you are no longer being weighed down by something or someone.

We find out what it means to dream about weight loss

We find out what it means to dream about weight loss

Has a burden recently been lifted from your shoulders? Perhaps a responsibility has shifted onto someone else or you no longer feel that you have to do something you once did.

On the other hand, the dream could be wishful thinking- it’s possible you have too many responsibilities right now and you are feeling the pressure. What can you do to relieve yourself of this weight? Do you need to ask someone for help? Or learn how to delegate better?

Weight related dreams can also be about change- so if you have had to deal with some alterations in your personal life lately, then it could be reminiscent of you adjusting to your new routine.

The dream could be a pun to ‘wait’ for something- perhaps you are being too impatient and need to allow time for something to happen or take shape.

Along the same vein, the dream might be a pun for ‘weighing up’ your options about something. You may be assessing all the choices you have before you make a decision about a person or situation. Are you making things too difficult for yourself or is this process necessary?

If you think about losing weight a lot during the day, this will naturally enter your dream state too, so this may have encouraged you to think about a successful weight loss that you wish for yourself.

Do you have a preoccupation with physical shape and appearance? If so- it might be time to seek help from someone who can help you readdress this balance and encourage you focus on other things too.

Consider how much weight you lost in the dream- if you reduced in size dramatically, it’s possible you need to work hard to make ends meet in your waking hours. It could be indicative of another loss in your life right now like money, friends, security or even a relationship.

Source: The A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace






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