Hi Lucy,

She had a six pack

She had a six pack

I had a dream my mum had lost lots of weight and got a sick pack

Hi Jenny,

Dreaming of weight loss usually means that you are no longer being weighed down by something or someone. Has your mother recently had a burden lifted from her shoulders? Or have you?

You may be thinking these things about yourself, however in the dream it came out as your mum instead. So when you think about the possible meanings, you may find that they speak more to you than your mother.

If we assume it's you, seeing a six pack means that you are trusting of your core instincts and your gut feelings. You are less preoccupied with appearances and more concerned with what goes on inside a person rather than out. You hope for the same from others in return.

Weight related dreams can also be about change- so if you have had some big shifts to deal with in your personal life lately, then it can be reminiscent of this too.

If you think about losing weight a lot during the day, this will naturally enter your dream state too, so this may caused you to think about a successful weight loss in someone else that you actually wish for yourself.

Source: The A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace



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