Dreaming about a job interview can be a reminder of the potential you have and are perhaps not yet reaching.

We find out what it means to dream about a job interview

We find out what it means to dream about a job interview

Ask yourself what is standing in your way to get to the top and put some things in place to overcome these obstacles and get to where you want to be.

It can also represent your attempts to take on new responsibilities and obligations. Perhaps you feel ready to take on more than you currently have on your plate. Do you need to tell someone in a position of authority that you would like to progress?

If you were unsuccessful in the interview perhaps you feel that things are spiralling out of control at work and your time for change has come.

Freud claimed that if you are being tested in a dream, like in an interview situation- it's because you lack faith in your own ability. Maybe you don't know your own talents and strengths.

It is argued that an interview in a dream can make you question your deepest reasons for doing what you do and who you are.

Perhaps you need to be clearer when telling others what you need from them- but first and foremost you need to be aware of what you want.

If you dreamt about being in competition with someone else over a vacancy, your dreamscape could be telling you to persevere to get what you want and not give up too easily.

Finally, a job interview could be a sign that you have anxiety which stems from being judged by others. Perhaps you feel some dissatisfaction with an aspect of yourself. Consider what you were being asked in the interview to give you greater insight into what you think you need to change to feel satisfied with all areas of your life.

Source: www.auntyflo.com

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