Dream interpreters believe an airport is about your life needing change.

We find out what it means to dream about an airport

We find out what it means to dream about an airport

This could be a change in your relationship, work, family or friendship circle. More inwardly, it could be something you need to change in yourself.

Think carefully about the things in your life that no longer bring you happiness or satisfaction and consider what you need to alter in order to make them fulfilling again.

It might be that you have a desire to travel more, so the airport has a more literal meaning. Do you need to book yourself a holiday?

Another airport interpretation is births or arrivals and deaths or departures. Perhaps you know someone who is struggling with an illness and it has made you think about death and beyond. Perhaps you are considering you own mortality.

Or more positively, maybe someone has recently given birth to a baby and it has encouraged you to focus on new life and the possibilities it holds. Perhaps you are ready to create new life with a partner.

If the airport was busy, you may yearn for more freedom in your life- being able to go to an airport and choose your destination there and then might be an aspiration of yours.

Airports also represent ambition- especially if it was filled with business people commuting for meetings. If this is the lifestyle you desire is it time for a change of career?

A departure lounge could be an indication of a new phase in your life that has already begun.

If the airport was quiet or deserted, your plans and goals might not go as you initially intended. It’s possible they will be delayed and you may have to put some things on hold and wait until such times when you can move on.  

Source: The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace




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