Dreaming of an alarm clock is like a wake-up call for your life- an insight into your own personal world clock to guide you better in your waking hours.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It's a reminder that you need to start being more decisive in your world or indeed choose between something that's been hanging over you for a while. This is especially true if you kept hitting the snooze button. 

If you have been thinking of having children, changing careers, moving house, starting or ending a relationship or telling someone something important- any of these might trigger your unconscious to prompt you to do something about it.

More specifically, if the alarm clock did not work or was delayed in your dream- it shows you are respectful of other people's time and do not hurry them if they are not ready to move on. Consider who was in the dream with you for additional meaning. 

Perhaps a friend or family member is going through something big and you have been their closest support- you have let them take it at their own pace and have been patient with their progress. Should you continue, or is it in their best interests to take things up a notch?

It could also mean that you give your time even when someone is talking about something you have no interest in- you still listen because it's important to them.

If the alarm clock went off late or didn’t go off at all in your dream- it could be representative of an innate fear that you don't have enough time to achieve all the goals you have set out to. 

Have you been thinking of doing something for a while but never got around to it? Do you see yourself as too busy to fit it in?

Or recently had a significant birthday and you feel it's put pressure on you to reach your goals more quickly?

If you slept through an alarm in your waking life, which led you to miss out on something important like an exam or an interview, consider why your dream is reminding you of this. 

Are you afraid it will happen again if you have an important event in the near future? 

The dream could be telling you that you are missing out on something right now or have the potential to if you don’t act immediately. So it may be wise to say yes to things even if they scare you a little and be more open to new things. 

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