Dreaming about a balloon or balloons can mean that you like to play around with an idea before seeing it through or dismissing it altogether. Your idea may be something that could collapse at any moment but you enjoy the process of imagining that it doesn't.

We find out what it means to dream about balloons

We find out what it means to dream about balloons

Perhaps you have been discussing doing something with your partner, family or friends or you've been thinking about doing something for yourself and you've been considering the pros and cons of bringing it to fruition.

Balloons are something we associate with childhood- maybe you have been missing something from your younger years of late or thinking about happy times from when you were little?

Another interpretation is that you want to rise above a hierarchy in your life. This may be in your place of work- you might be looking for a promotion or to run your own business. It might indicate that you have a desire to be your own boss.

You might feel that you aren't being noticed right now at home or in your place of work. Balloons can be seen by many when they are high in the sky, so it may be that you want this prominence in the life of a person who's closest to you or you want to be recognised for your hard work in a professional capacity.

One final possibility is that you feel you are in a restricted environment right now and are trying to escape it. It could be your environment at home, work or you might even feel restricted by your own thoughts. You may think you are ready to escape but there is something stopping you. Perhaps you need to look at your life and examine what's important to you and the people and things you might need to leave behind if it means achieving true happiness.

Source: The Complete A-Z of Dreams by Ian Wallace


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