Dreaming about being awake when you're not is also known as a 'false awakening'- where you have a vivid dream about waking up while you continue to be asleep (a dream within a dream).

We find out what it means to dream about being awake

We find out what it means to dream about being awake

It is common for people to dream of doing things that they usually would, so it would make sense if you were doing something that you would class as ‘normal’.

It usually happens when you are anxious about a big day ahead. This could be your brain's way of rehearsing the day, so you can be best prepared for it. What did you have on the day after this dream?

If you have something looming the next day, you may anticipate a bad night's sleep, so this expectation might have had a profound influence on you ‘waking up’ in your dream.

Another interpretation is that you are in tune with your reality and are highly self-aware. You are conscious of what choices you have in life and you are alert to any new possibilities that might come your way.

Another thought is- you will have strange experiences in your waking hours that will drag your mood down and leave you feeling disappointed.

With that said, if you dreamed you were awake and walking through an attractive landscape, then you may have some brightness in your future.

Believing yourself to be awake in a dream suggests that you want to work to the best of your ability- you don’t want to miss out on anything.

If there was someone or something that roused you from your ‘sleep’- pay close attention as this can give you a greater insight into who or what is distracting you.

Finally, being awake is linked to spiritual awareness- perhaps you need to open your eyes to something that is happening in your life that you have previously tried to ignore.

Source: www.nosleeplessnights.com



The Complete A-Z of Dreaming by Ian Wallace


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