If an elevator is going up in your dream- it often means that you are heading on a positive, upward path.

We find out what it means to dream about an elevator

We find out what it means to dream about an elevator

It might be a sign that you are going to progress and find some happiness. If the elevator didn't stop when it hit the top of the building, then you might find yourself in a very high place or high status within your job. It’s possible this is something you have worked towards and are ready for, however the opposite could also be true.

If you didn't expect the elevator to keep going up in your dream it could be that you feel you are doing everything you can at work but the same can't be said for your colleagues and/or management. This might be causing you some frustration or conflict within your work setting. You may feel stuck or don't know what floor you want to get out on yet, consequently you see your future as a bit of a mystery. Perhaps you are being thrust into a position of power before you are ready.

Another interpretation is that you are feeling a lack of control over something in your life or your life as a whole right now and it's making you feel anxious. Is it time to step out of this situation so you can get back in the driving seat?

This dream is often connected with a desire in you to accomplish something- which might be work, relationship or personally related. Try to think about what is worrying you most in your waking life and you might realise what it is you need to focus on and seek to change.

If the elevator was going down- you might be coming back down to reality with a bang- the dream could be telling you to be more grounded. More negatively, it can also signify misfortunes and setbacks so be prepared for bad news and difficult times ahead.

The up and down motion of an elevator reflects the ups and downs of life. If it was moving down- know that it won’t be forever and if it was moving up- don’t take things for granted.

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