One thought process when dreaming about candy is that you have a tendancy to successfully complete a few short-term projects that appear to be attractive to you at the time. 

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

With that said, you perhaps don't take into consideration the long term effects of your choices sometimes.

Another interpretation is that someone in your life who appears to be a friend might be gaining your trust in order to collect private information about you and pass it on to others. It might be worth looking at your circle of friends and thinking very carefully about what you're telling them when you see them. Do they have your or their best interests at heart?

It's possible that if you were enjoying the candy in the dream- you are about to thrive in a social situation and have happiness in your relationships with friends and your loved ones. It could signify an all over positive place that you're in right now.

A more obvious interpretation is that you have a desire to eat sweets. If you have denied yourself sweet treats lately, perhaps you are craving them. Looking a little deeper into this theory, it could be telling you that you are easily led into temptation and need to think twice before being persuaded into things in your waking life.

If you were eating lots of candy in your dream- your body might be telling you to go easy on the sweet stuff. Perhaps you need to eat more healthfully, to think about what you're putting in your body and the effect it's having on you physically.  

Candy can also represent money so if you were giving your candy away it's potentially a sign that you are generous with your earnings. It could also be a warning to yourself to be careful- are you always spending on others and getting nothing in return?


The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace

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