Seeing a dead person generally means that you are influenced by negative people in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about a corpse

We find out what it means to dream about a corpse

Perhaps you should consider sticking by those who are a positive influence instead.

You might be hanging around with the wrong circle of friends and it's time to leave them behind.

Or maybe you think this about someone close to you and the people they socialise with. Do you need to alert them to how things are if they can’t see it themselves?

It is also an indication of a suspicious mind, which might be due to a lack of confidence if the negative people in your life are putting you down all the time.

Or the person you think is surrounding themselves with wrong people doesn't see the effect it's having on them.

Another interpretation is that it might be time to end your worries about someone who has died and accept that what's done is done and try to move on.

More positively, seeing a dead person can mean that you will receive good news from those in your waking life.

Another viewpoint is that the dead body represents a side of you that has 'died' or an aspect of yourself that you are finding hard to let go of.

It can also be symbolic of a relationship in your waking life that you have not let go of- perhaps an ex, a family member or friend?

You may think about them often or hope that one day you will reconnect with that person.

You may be feeling numb inside right now and are unable to express how you're feeling to those around you- otherwise referred to as 'dead inside'.

If the corpse came back to life it might suggest you are being reminded of something or someone from your past and finding it hard to shake the memory of them.



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