Crossing borders is often about change and making alterations in the way you think and feel about a situation.

We find out what it means to dream about crossing the border

We find out what it means to dream about crossing the border

A shift in your mind-set or an awareness that change is imminent.

To be standing on a border between two countries could mean that you need to make a shift in your life.

Perhaps you are ready to leave the last phase behind and start afresh.

If you were happy about crossing the border- then you might welcome this new territory in your waking hours.

You might have experienced a change in attitude or feeling- think about where you are now and where you are going- this might help to unravel the meaning behind this dream further.

If the act of crossing the border brought about negative feelings, you may believe a person in your waking life has crossed a line or perhaps you are the one who has overstepped the mark.

If this is the case- what can you do to redeem yourself? Can you tell this person they have gone too far?

If someone was pushing you across the border- think about the people in your life right now. Is someone making you do something before you are ready? If so- are they doing for the right or the wrong reasons?

Borders can also be about rules and regulations- if you were crossing the border in your dream then perhaps you want to break the rules in order to benefit your situation in some way. Think about the long term consequences of this- is it really worth it?

Another thought when dreaming about crossing the border is the transformation of two states of mind or attitudes.

Are you trying to get someone to understand your way of thinking? Or is someone attempting to get you on their side even if you don’t wholeheartedly agree with their perspective?

It might be better for you both to agree to disagree. Or maybe you can both make sacrifices to reach some sort of resolution.



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