Dreaming about debt is a sign that you have financial difficulties already, think you're about to face them or just worry about the worst case scenario.

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

If you were unable to pay off a debt in your dream, you may feel like you have ambitions you have yet to fulfil in your waking life. What is holding you back? It might not be money issues but perhaps you see something else as creating an obstacle between you and your dreams. 

It can also foretell concerns you might be having at work or at home in your romantic relationship. It's possible you might be having struggles in your professional life or feel there's competition for your post or responsibilities. Maybe a partner wants something from you that you can't give right now or never can but you feel the pressure to deliver it all the same. 

Perhaps you believe you owe something to someone- not necessarily money but your time maybe. If you think you are in debt to someone in your waking life and need to repay their kindness- this might be why you had the dream. It might be wise to repay them so you feel on an even keel again. 

You may feel that you have run out of all of your emotional and mental resources with a person. Perhaps your partner, friend or family member has been too demanding of your support and you think you no longer have anything left to give. If this is the case- you may need to come clean and tell them that you're struggling- you never know, they may be able to help bring you back to some sense of normality. 

Debts can also be associated with humiliation and insults. If you have experienced feelings of embarassment in your waking life, or worry one day soon that you might- perhaps that is why you dreamed of owing money to someone. 

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