If you were the passenger in a mode of transporation like a car, train, boat or airplane in your dream then perhaps you feel a lack of authority in your life right now.

We find out what it means to dream about a passenger

We find out what it means to dream about a passenger

If the driver/pilot/helmsman was deciding the speed and direction you were going in then you might feel that you don’t have any control in your relationship, your job or your life in general.

You might be allowing someone else to dictate how you live your life- it might be wise to ask yourself why you are being such a pushover.  Are you in the wrong relationship, the wrong job or spending time with the wrong people?

you may not be taking responsibility for your own actions and decisions and letting someone else take the blame.

Perhaps you feel that you can’t reach your goals without this person and that is why you let them take the reins.

Are you the type of person who goes along for the ride? Follows the crowd? Likes others to make the decisions? If so then your subconscious might be telling you it's time to govern your own destiny rather than taking the passenger seat. You can be the driver if you want- you just need to take the wheel.

If you feel you are being carried along by circumstances and haven’t really thought about making your own way forward in life- it might be beneficial to start and think for yourself.

It could also indicate that someone is taking you for a ride. Is it time you stood up for yourself and stopped them from taking advantage of your good nature?

If you weren’t the only passenger, then perhaps the person navigating is having the same effect on the other people with you in the dream. Can you collectively break away from this person?

If the other people were able to get off whatever mode of transport it was and you didn’t- you may have missed an opportunity.

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